HRSB Scaffolding Management System

New Era of Scaffolding Efficiency and Safety

HRSB Scaffolding Management System is an advanced scaffolding management system that enhanced every stage of scaffolding project from initial requests to final reports. It empowers to orchestrate the entire scaffolding process with ease. It helps to store the records of inspection, manpower list and scaffold list.

Seamlessly navigate every step, from digital forms to final reports, and ensure a journey marked by efficiency, transparency, and safety. Contact us today to embark on a new era of scaffolding management excellence.


Job Request

  • Initiate the process by submitting digital request forms.
  • Attach PO/RO/MO/ESRF for job request.
  • Provide a structured way to initiate scaffolding projects.
  • Monitor the progress of each request, from submission to completion.

Proposal & Quotation

  • Provide detailed breakdowns of costs
  • Detailed proposals outline the scope of work, timeline, materials, and services included.
  • Clear and itemized pricing.
  • Minimizing wastage and optimizing efficiency.

Inspection and Approval

  • Help ensure that scaffolding systems adhere to industry regulations and standards.
  • Avoiding potential legal and regulatory issues.
  • Inspection records provide a documented history of scaffold assessments.
  • Provide valuable data for evaluating scaffold performance, identifying trends, and making informed decisions for future projects.


  • Provides a visual representation of project timelines.
  • Enables easy scheduling of scaffolding activities, helping allocate resources, plan tasks, and manage workloads effectively.
  • Calendar reminders ensure that inspections, approvals, and other critical project milestones are not overlooked, maintaining project progression.